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10 Things you need to do in Goa #MacroTraveller

If there is one thing you can be certain about when coming to Goa is that you will never run out of things to see and do. The kilometers of excellent sandy beaches make you want to and if you add the vibrant nightlife, the varied fauna and the beautiful architecture of the buildings, you will have an intoxicating mix. If you need help finding what to do in Goa, here are our top 10 things to do in Goa.Goa is a place of a beautiful environment; it is famous for open lifestyle and modern culture. It is a state that you can visit anytime or in any season. Goa has a lot to endeavor – the beer, the beaches, water sports and those late night parties.

  1. Visit Beautiful Beaches!Everyone goes to Goa because of the beach, and it’s surely worth it. Beaches crowded with revelers or deserted beaches. There is everything you want in Goa. Go and choose your beach among my selection of the most beautiful beaches in Goa.
  1. Extravaganza Portuguese Architecture!Goa was a Portuguese colony for nearly five centuries and even after India’s Independence. So there are some beautiful churches and Portuguese houses to see. I advise you to visit the capital of Goa, a city where it is very pleasant to walk, especially along the sea and in the Old Portuguese city. Do not miss the church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church. Go to Old Goa for the day, go to the churches is unmistakably worth it, the centre of the old town is listed as a World Heritage Site.

And to visit beautiful Portuguese residences, I advise you to go in the southern part of Goa and to visit the house Braganza built in the XVII century and the house Fernandes that dates more than 500 years in Chandor and the Palacio do Deao in Quepem.

  1. Goa Attractions!

Goa is a land that is full of plenty of attractions; these attractions have a variety that not seen elsewhere. One side Goa beaches like Baga Beaches are popular for exotic experience and open lifestyle other side Goa has some famous temples like Tambdi Surla Temple. Somewhere there are high hills like Riveria Hills and Palolem Hills another side you can experience Dudhsagar Falls and Tambdi Falls. Make a list of these destinations and try to visit these places on your Goa trip.

#MacroTravellerTips :Do not wander around beach barefooted as it might give you a fungal and parasitic infection.

  1. Water Sports!Water sports are the most traditional sports of Goa. Tourists visit this extraordinary state Goa again and again to play different water sports. Windsurfing, river rafting, scuba diving, backwater kayaking and swimming are some regular games majority of visitors play those on the visit. It is sheer fun, and there are some lovely Surfing Schools which open offer you a surfing drill for around 1 hour for as low as 2000 bucks.

Must: Parasailing on the sea in Goa overlooking the beach is great!

  1. Gastronomy GOAN Food – Sea Food Paradise!

The cuisine of Goa is exquisite, a mixture of South India and Portuguese influence. Lots of curries with coconut. Do not miss the seafood treats and seated fish sitting in the sand at a table on the candlelit beach, and this really is a typical experience to live in Goa.

  1. Shopping!Goa, tourist state, is perfect for shopping; there are shops on the edge of all the beaches. But the best walkers are the Anjuna flea market every Wednesday and the Saturday Night Market in Arpora every Saturday night: there is loads of original stuff you cannot find in the beach shops. From decorated belts, bags, purses, coasters and wall hangings, Goan stores have an unending list to buy. If you are a prominent shopaholic, then bargain is the keyword here.
  1. Party!Goa is probably the best place to party in India. There is a lot of trance and psychedelic music, reggae but not only, but we also find techno, dance music. There are parties on the beach and great nightclubs. This is also where the full moon party began. The Sunburn Festival, the biggest music festival in Asia, takes place in Vagator, North Goa, every year between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  1. Yoga and Meditation!

Goa is the perfect place for meditation and yoga. You can meditate on the beach or do yoga in front of the sun like many in Arambol, hippie corner of Goa. But there are also many classes and courses of meditation and yoga. The ideal beach for this is Arambol, and the best place, in my opinion, is the love temple, where you will find a table with a multitude of activities like yoga, dancing, etc. It costs between 500 and 800 rupees for an hour or two depending on the exercise.

  1. Massages and Ayurveda!Nothing like a good Ayurvedic massage after a day of a beach! If you want to have a massage or a facial or body treatment and want a beautiful spa, I would recommend the Novotel Goa Shrem Resort & Spa in Candolim. If you want a cheap massage, along with the beach, I recommend the Palolem beach, plenty of hubs for massages and treatments for 600 INR for an hour.
  1. Quest Casino!

Try your success at one of Goa’s casinos with popular games such as roulette and blackjack. Casino and gambling are not legal in India, but Goa is an exception. Goa is one of the few Indian states where gambling is not an offence. That’s why there are free casinos. Don’t expect a Las Vegas-style casino experience, forget about it. You can have some fun in these casinos to take an experience that you cannot get somewhere else.

Destination Goa India
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